Troy E. Foster

A Nashville Denver-based software architect and developer that cares about efficiency, cleanliness, and the end user experience.

As an application architect, I gather input and influence from many different areas to create a design that will solve the problem at hand, is a pleasure to work on, maintain, and use, and makes sense from a business perspective. Considerations include stakeholder requests, development team abilities and interests, overall complexity, and the development process used. My greatest tool as an architect is communication, in all of its forms; second comes my ability to comprehend and maintain multiple contexts in front of mind as I evaluate and propose solutions and designs.

My experience as a developer is wide in breadth. I've been referred to as a polyglot, but I tend to approach problems outside the context of a language first. Most of my experience is as full-stack web developer, but the last few years I have focused much more on the front end of web stack. JavaScript development is a moving target, so I try to be picky about which moves I follow and which aren't worth the effort. Overall, I still prefer the parts of the software that interact with a user.

My super powers are finishing things and getting things done.

Check out my Resume and perhaps a Portfolio of some past work.
My github may also have some interesting stuff. (Though I'm making any promises on that one.)