Troy E. Foster- Portfolio (non-exhaustive)

Thetus Corp - Savanna
Savanna is an all-source analysis toolkit produced by Thetus Corporation. I served as Principal Engineer and Manager for the Thetus engineering department. My involvement with Savanna development has been as far-reaching as guiding the overall architecture and tool selection as well as aiding in the product evolution from a technical standpoint. I was also heavily involved in the implementation of features through technical design, code implementation, and implementation reviews.
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Mercury Drops

Mercury Drops is an internal tool developed at Mercury for time tracking purposes. The backend of the app is implemented in Node.js and uses the Azure data store. The front-end layout starts with Foundation and uses Angular.js for the presentation framework. I adopted the front-end work after it had been somewhat stubbed out and finished the time-entry functionality as well as implementing the reporting functionality. I also converted the styling to use SCSS compiled styles.
Node.js SCSS Angular.js Foundation jQuery

Dexter's Disciples
The Dexter's Disciples Facebook game was a project dropped in my lap 3 weeks prior to delivery. I was given an old version of the game and some mockups (as well as image assets, etc.) of what this one was to look like and left alone to implement it. (The tight deadline was due to an internal mishap.) The new version differed from the old both in functionality and in the source of the data. So this was a complete re-write. The game was delivered on-time and with minimal problems. The work also included the implementation of a Javascript library to use the Mercury M3 CMS system.
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eLearning Atlas
I built the eLearning Atlas site by myself from the ground up. A marketing team provided pictures of what they hoped the site would look like and how they hoped it would work. They also added the content by populating an online data entry service called Zoho. I imported the data from Zoho into a mySql database and built the site using PHP. I tied in some third party services including a URL state parser, API library plugins for sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and an RSS feed parser to provide a mashup of identity components from around the web. Additionally, I wrote my own Youtube widget to include Youtube channels when no appropriate widget was available.
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Before the first code was written for the SCORM Cloud web application, I was drawing mockups for how it should work. When it came to building the web app, I took the lead on the front-end implementation of the site.
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SCORM Cloud for WordPress

WordPress Repository     github
The WordPress plugin was a project I originally built in its entirety to provide an easy API integration between WordPress and the SCORM Cloud service. The SCORM Cloud plugin for WordPress still has the greatest number of downloads and users of any SCORM Cloud integration.
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Working Example
Reportage was created because there was no useful SCORM results reporting tool on the market. The challenge with reportage was how to manage, aggregate, and display a huge amount of data in a useful manner. Another challenge was to create a tool made up of widgets, each of which could be rendered on its own within any other website. The project started with a prototype I made in PHP that used dummy data to work on the UI side as well as the widget structure of the site. We ended up building the final (current) project from those original PHP prototypes.
PHP Javascript jQuery CSS mySql

SCORM Cloud for Google App Engine

github     demo site
The SCORM Cloud for Google App Engine is another SCORM Cloud integration targeted to run on the Google app engine within a Google Apps domain. I built this integration from some minimal prototyping of another developer at Rustici Software. This integration uses the Google App Engine data store and was developed in Python using a Django framework.
Python Django 1.1 Javascript jQuery CSS Google Calendar API Google Contacts API

East Nashville Beer Festival (2011)

Archived Website
For the inaugural year of the annual East Nashville Beer Festival, the festival promoter asked me to put together an informational website for the festival. I was given a logo and artwork from some promotional print material and I turned it into a website.
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Tour de Puke
A friend holds a loosely organized annual bike tour, and he was interested in a website for the event. I put together this site for him one weekend to give the event some "professionalism".
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